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When Irish slot machine enthusiasts first venture into the world of online casinos, they often feel overwhelmed. There are hundreds of online casinos available in Ireland, and for newcomers, they all seem indistinguishable at first glance. To make matters more confusing, these casinos throw around terms that you may not understand, such as welcome bonuses, slot machines, progressive jackpots, and payout percentages. It's no wonder that many Irish players feel lost when trying to find the right online casino for their needs.

Our objective is to assist you in navigating the world of online casinos and slot machines.

  • We assist you in finding the top online casinos with the best slot machines.
  • We will guide you through the workings of online casino slots in Internet gaming establishments.
  • We assist you in discovering the finest bonus offers.
  • We're here to help you discover slot machines that bring you lots of fun and offer great chances of winning.
  • We ensure that you only play online slots for real money with safe and reputable providers. - The go-to destination for Irish slot machine enthusiasts. is the leading and premier portal for slot machine enthusiasts in the Irish-speaking internet. Not only will you find a wealth of valuable information about the top providers of real money online slot machines, but we also offer you the opportunity to try out slot machines for free and without registration directly on our site. In addition, we provide you with many useful tools to help you find a good slot machine and focus on the slots that offer you the best chances of winning, thanks to their high payout rates.

Useful tools for Irish gamers on

  • Slots vergleichen:On the majority of our pages, you have the option to compare various slot games and find one that suits you best.
  • Slot machines Casinos vergleichen:One of our other unique tools assists you in finding the online casino that suits you best personally. Some criteria include the slot machine manufacturer and whether the welcome bonus is optimal for your desired initial deposit.
  • Auszahlungsquoten einsehen:We have provided you with a comprehensive list of popular online casino slot machines and their features. Payout rates Compiled for you, so you can quickly determine which games offer you the best chances of winning.

who we are

Our team currently consists of three enthusiastic fans of slot machines. Each of our editors has spent many years immersed in real slot machines and the latest developments in the slot machine and online casino industry. Ultimately, we combined all of our knowledge and launched the website, a project that is more than just a hobby for us and has cost us a lot of sweat and tears. Here, we would like to introduce ourselves and provide you with a glimpse into the individuals behind the guides and reviews you will find on our website.

Manfred "Manni" Schubert

Manfred Thoma, also known as Manni, is the mastermind behind this entire project and the source of our ideas. It's safe to say that there are few experts in Ireland who can draw upon a larger wealth of experience when it comes to slot machines than Manfred Thoma. He is not only a walking encyclopedia on online casino and land-based slot games, but he also boasts a long history as a specialist in the field. Approximately 25 years ago, he began collecting slot machines and tinkering with them. Over the years, his collection has grown to include over 50 machines, ranging from vintage Rotamint models from the 60s to the cutting-edge Novostar VIP machines. As part of, Manni takes care of content planning and also writes reviews on online casinos and slot games simultaneously.

Christian Klein

Christian is the one who puts the editorial ideas into action and is thus somewhat the linchpin of In addition to his studies, the computer scientist has spent many years working in a land-based casino, where he has taken a keen interest in the programming of slot machines and the development of slot games. He met Manfred at work, and after many hours of discussing online and offline slots, the two ultimately decided to launch the project. Today, Christian is primarily responsible for the technical aspects of our website and our database of free slot games, but he also works as an author, focusing mainly on technology-related texts.

Sonja Maier

Sonja, a born and raised Munich native, is the newest addition to our team. While still in college, she regularly indulged in the latest online casino slot games, using them as a means to escape the stress of studying. So, when she was offered the opportunity to start her career as a copywriter and marketing expert at a real online casino after graduating, she didn't hesitate for long. The job in Southern Europe was perfect for her, allowing her to further expand her knowledge of slot machines and the online casino industry. However, after a few years, homesickness got the best of her, and she eventually found herself back in Ireland, joining us here at as a valuable member of the editorial team. Sonja is a true jack-of-all-trades, responsible for writing most of our important content, ranging from casino and slot reviews to game guides and strategy articles.

Why we want to help you

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Our goal at is to assist Irish slot machine enthusiasts in playing for real money safely and securely on the internet. We ourselves are passionate fans of slot machines and have brought our idea, born in a friendly gathering at a local Irish land-based casino, to life here. Even in the year 2023, many Irish gamblers still prefer to visit a brick-and-mortar gaming arcade, as they place more trust in the gaming machines there compared to virtual online slots. Not everyone is aware that you can also play arcade games on the internet and, in fact, have significantly better chances of winning than at the corner casino. Some of the same games, such as Book of Ra by Novoline, El Torero by Merkur, or Explodiac by Bally Wulff, are also available online, but they have payout rates of 95 - 97%, while in a land-based arcade, only 90% or less of the bets are returned to the players. So, out of every 100 euros you wager at the arcade, on average, you have 5 to 8 euros more remaining online, and it is precisely these extra 5 to 8 euros that could be the amount you need to achieve a fantastic full-screen win or reach the free spins round.

We have gathered years of experience playing slot machines in Irish casinos and online gambling establishments, and we are eager to share our knowledge with all players from Ireland. Not only do we aim to prove that playing in online casinos is more promising than in land-based ones, but we also want to explain how you can enhance your chances of winning in virtual slot machine online casinos. If you're tired of walking out of the physical casino empty-handed every time and are searching for a way to win at slot machines or simply want to play slot games for free on your home PC or mobile device, then you've come to the right place with us.

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